Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Re-vamp your tuna salad

The summer months are made for refreshing salads. For all you tuna lovers why not ditch the mayo and team it with pickled onions, olives, garlic oil, balsamic dressing & a boiled egg for a sharper taste.

Genie tip: Presentation is key – get creative with shapes on your plates!

Festival Fun

The festival season has been upon us once again with fashion statements attempting to out-do previous years.

But the festival look is it's own trend, which returns every summer with only hints of newness. The lightweight parker, the Hunter wellington, the denim short, the biker and even the checked shirt continue to be driving forces throughout the festival scene.

Every year the newer statements mainly come through via the accessories and clothing trim devisions, it seems.
*The shape of eyewear is, and will always be, in constant reform.
*Not one length, shape or size of tassels & fringing is a stand-out winner - we love them all.
*Excessive jewellery-wearing on every part of the hands and ears will not fade, but become the norm as part of general festival attire into 2015 & 2016, I believe.
*and finally, not to by-pass the newest forms of accessories - bindis, hair rings, and temporary tattoos. Each boast individuality and creativity - that is of course, particularly for the hair rings, if you also have the patience! Hair rings still haven't reached their potential as a trend, and are available in simple forms at the moment from websites such as Regal Rose. However, you can easily raid your ring collection like I have and get creative with your hair styling to up the exposure of these small beauties! Watch this space for sure.

This year I have personally embraced the festival scene and festival style with open arms. I've got two under my belt (Bournemouth 7s & Wireless) and two to go (EDC & BoomTown). 

With the latest attendance being Wireless, I feel it appropriate to show my outfits from each epic day.

Day 1 - Any outfit would not be complete without an oversized kimono this year. I wore a black Topshop playsuit, Whistles hat, Asos fringed bumbag and Primark chunky flats with my orange River Island purchase.

Day 2 - I gave my Asos baby-doll dress with oversized roses a street edge with what seemed to be a top footwear choice - the workman, 'Timberland-esque' boot, and teamed this with another felt hat from H&M, Primark sunglasses, TKMaxx bag and some arm cuffs.

Day 3 - Lastly, I chose a classic monochrome two-piece set; a boxy top and high-waisted short combo, which contrasted with the bold printed Tesco scarf (worn as a head piece). My intention was to wear these cute Clark's shoes but the rain forced me to opt for some wellies instead.

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Monday, 30 June 2014

Blog Lovin' - Find & Follow my Genie!

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A fellow University of Huddersfield graduate - Megan Ellaby, has just won an award at the Company Blog Awards 2014 for 'Highly Commended Best Style Blog'. Congratulations!

What's more, I was thrilled to see I have purchased the same clutch by ASOS, from the same store 'EX HIGH STREET' in Huddersfield! - She chose the perfect colour, although I now wish that I'd chosen the other hues too.

Pagesbymegan.com illustrates why I have taken inspiration from her to begin this blog.  Take a look for yourself!  *If you leave a comment, don't forget to mention Her Enchanted Genie x

Needs must - here's to claiming my blog!
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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Official Blogger!

And so it begins, my first official dive into the enchanting world of blogging.

I cannot think of a better way of spending a Sunday evening.

My previous experience with blogs were in my first year at University when all things digital were thrust upon fellow students and I back in 2010.

I'm not sure the world wanted to hear about my struggles with Adobe Suite when creating my first clothing collection or SEE them for that matter, especially on the internet! God bless 'editable shapes'.

Although my capabilities have grown threefold, it is safe to say my first year of my degree in Fashion & Textiles Buying/Management/Retailing at Huddersfield confirmed my love for fashion and its business arena with a hint of its creativity... Buying, you beauty.

(and yes, there is a University deep within the Yorkshire countryside!).

So now that a new chapter begins, so does my genie.
*Note that this form of genie is of similar ilk to Disney's 'Aladdin' - NOT wikipedia's definition of an abused child; totally inappropriate to say the least.

I plan to delve into developing my style further, learning & finding new ways of outfit building to inspire others. Another perfect excuse to shop...

Not only that, I want to share my ideas on health & fitness along the personal journey I've begun; a path to the ultimate self.

Travel with me, be inspired & follow my Enchanted Genie!

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Twitter:  https://twitter.com/EnchantedGenie